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Introducing the world’s first Artificially Intelligent political campaign CRM that tells you how to win.


Build a recurring grassroots donor base and raise all the money you need

Voter Contact

Reach your voters by call, text, email, direct mail, Facebook, or canvass in one place

Deep Data

Comprehensive data file with over 350 fields on every voter in your district

AI Learning

Powerful custom AI model that learns and adapts to your race over the campaign

Everything you need to win. In one platform.

The future of political campaigning is here. No more juggling vendors, complicated Excel analyses, or overpaying for insights. Numinar tells you how to win and empowers you to do it.

Custom data modelling, automated campaign strategy, and an integrated omni-channel outreach platform aren't just for big-ticket candidates anymore. Our targeting and outreach platform is built for political campaigns of all sizes

A campaign experience that delights

No more juggling vendors and complicated Excel analyses

That's right. Our tech works

Behind that pretty interface is a hard working campaign engine


Texts Sent


Calls Made


Donations Raised


Voters Analyzed

A product for every campaign

Doesn’t matter what seat you’re after – Numinar can do it all

Clean & Intuitive

Numinar is built to enable non-technical users to leverage extraordinarily advanced analytics to produce very tangible results. Check out our beautiful and intuitive user interface.

Teamwork Simplified

Organizing your campaign staff, digital, field operations, and volunteers can be overwhelming. Let Numinar help you manage and organize everyone on your team.

But don’t take our word for it

See what people have to say about Numinar

The easiest campaign interface to connect your volunteers with your voters and to quickly test and measure voter intent.”


– Kiki Bittner, General Consultant for Rey Reynolds

Rey Reynolds

Candidate for WA Senate District 49

“Your forecast on support was more correct than anything I had.”

Houston Gaines

Georgia House of Representatives

“The Numinar platform enabled us to collect much of our survey data. We could not have led the nation in survey accuracy average without Numinar’s responsive and innovative technology.

Robert Cahaly

Trafalgar Group

Responses to texting was actually great, amazingly! About 4% of voters responded asking for an absentee ballot.”

Chuck Efstration

Georgia House of Representatives

“Once or twice in my career, a new company comes along that gives a peek into the future of campaigns. Numinar is that company. They were an integral part of our campaigns and we could not have won without them.

Jay Walker

Executive Director Georgia HRCC

“I enjoyed working with Numinar a lot! I was able to use their texting and canvassing app, but I wish that I had used more of the functionality in the platform. I love this company and its potential”

Nick Bell

VA State House District 39

“I have seen many folks with the ‘latest and greatest’ piece of political technology. But Numinar is different. These guys have harnessed what is truly needed in politics. This is the next great thing and can change the way we win elections.”

Julie Emerson

LA State House District 39

“Numinar was ready to go. They had all the phone numbers, the voters identified, the modelling of the district; all we had to do was say yes! It’s one of the greatest pieces of campaign software I’ve ever used. I’d definitely use it again!”

Nicholas Allman, Field Director

VA State Senate District 13

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